søndag den 28. juli 2013

Ahmad Asgari detained journalist Iran

Concern grows over detained journalist

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One month after the arrest of Iranian journalist Ahmad Asgari, there is still no official news of his whereabouts.
The Human Rights Reporters Committee reports that Asgari was arrested by security forces last month in Tehran.
The report indicates that Asgari suffers from epilepsy and there is concern that he will not be provided with the necessary medication.
The committee claims that Asgari has been under pressure to confess to being in contact with political organizations outside the country and may be facing the charge of “enmity with God”, a serious charge that carries the death penalty.
Ahmad Asgari was first arrested in February of 2010 and released on bail. He was also briefly arrested on June 14 while he was taking photos of voting stations during the presidential election.

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