fredag den 11. juni 2010

Iran Voting Rights

Voting Rights

One man one vote
one woman one vote, who
stole your votes


Én mand én stemme
én kvinde én stemme, hvem
stjal jeres stemmer

den 12. juni er det 1 år siden Ahmajinedad stjal valgsejren.

On 12 June 2009 the Iranian people went to the polls to
choose their president. That evening Ahmadinejad was declared as the victor.

As a protest against the controversial result, people began to
demonstrate out on the streets of Iran. This peaceful protest was met by brutal violence. Since the unrest began in June 2009
at least 89 people killed, more than 3,000 imprisoned and
hundreds of thousands injured.

Today, nearly a year later, the Iranian people still refuse to
recognize Ahmadinejad as the country's president. The world has seen their struggle and today we remind you once again about their efforts for democracy and freedom.

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